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Industrial 4.0 UWB indoor positioning solution

UWB Precise Indoor Positioning System

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Smart helmet

Smart helmet positioning solution on construction site

Forklift Anti-collision Auxiliary Alarm System

Forklift Collision Avoidance System

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UWB Precise Indoor Positioning System

Our Industrial 4.0 UWB IPS is a precise real-time location system that locates mobile staff, objects, equipment and vehicles. It is suitable to track hundreds of objects simultaneously in a large-scale building.

Suitable Applications

● Logistic & warehouse management. RTLS for labours and work flow monitoring.

● Precise equipment monitoring durining transport to different location.

● Working quality assurance

● 24 Hours 7 Days, restricted area survelliance and controll

● Museum, trade show or exhibit's asset and properties full time survielliance

● Precise coordinate calculation suitable for drones, robotic storage and fully automatic industry


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Forklift Collision Avoidance System

Our forklift and vehicle collision avoidance system uses UWB technology to precisely mesure distance in order reduce risk of vehicle colliding in industrial or similar places. This avoidance system not only has the alarming devices, it also comes wearable devices. The main components of the system is based on the following components

● Audible Siren - Stationary: Suitable to be deployed at entraces and corners

Audible Siren - Vehicle: Suitable to be equipped on moving vehicles such as forklift

Wearble Device: Different forms of TAG, including Card, Helmet and Watch forms 


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Social Distancing System

Ease of use: Only two TAG required for measurement, no additional equipment required!

Precise measurement: Without obstruction, our accuracy can go less than 10cm. And all settings are adjustable.

Alarming features: Our TAG has built-in LED indicator, buzzer, and vibration modules

Battery Endurance: Long battery endurance that can last for 80 consecutive hours of usage.Under smart energy mode, standby time can go up to 15 days

Intelligent setting: Various alarming function (Audible, light, vibration) and adjustable sensing distance.

Unlimited Extensions: Expand the TAG with no limitations. Ability to save approaching TAG ID data

Data collection: With the optional anchor or USB dongle it is possible to record contact history between TAG’s including time and distance.


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Human-Machine Interface

Our DMA-HMI ARM BASE intelligent terminal supports most of the popular operating system on the marking and by including IO/SPI /IIC/PWM and other interfaces. It is also integrated with wired and wireless interfaces such as RS232 / RS485 / RJ45 / USB / TF / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / 4G which is ultimately aiming to give a comprehensive adaptation for various user requirement.

Here are some characters of our HMI devices:

Unify panel support for same series product, starting from 4.3”/ 5”/ 7”/ 8”/ 10.1”/ 12” and 15”

Support different operation system such as: Android/ Linux+QT/Ubuntu/WinCE/RTOS

Different CPU selection (Cortex A8/ A9/ A53/ M4/ M3) to facilitate cost and functionality concern


With our HMI intelligent terminal, customers can choose different standard according to their own requirement. Starting from the standard version there is also an optional comprehensive version. On top of that, we also accept custom order for special requirements.

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