Precise Indoor Positioning System


UWB IPS Solution

Model: UWB-IPS

     Industrial 4.0-UWB IPS is a precise real-time location system that locates mobile staff, objects, equipment and vehicles. It is suitable to track hundreds of objects simultaneously in a large-scale building.

Related Industry:

♦ Logistic and warehousing management.  Real- time location to monitor
   workers or items in order to increase efficiency and cut down time waste.
♦ The movement of precision equipment is closely monitored when
   transporting to a different location. 
Working condition is ensured when the environment is highly monitored.
♦ R
estrict permission from entering highly secure areas.
The application for accuracy judgement in terms of  drones, robots and
   automatic warehousing.



System / Hardware  

       We provide various data for building an accurate indoor positioning system, and the API part is a web page format generated by the program.


1.Working Principle

2. Product Information

3.Positioning Methods

4. Equipment Description

5. Setting Instruction

6. Software instruction

7. Flashing instructions

8. Video description

9. Secondry Development

10. Precautions

11. Web-based demo site

12. Successful Application




Applied Industry  

Moving object position monitoring

Ranging Solution for anticollision system

 Distance measurement is applied for collision avoidance between vehicles such as car, train, forklift and tramcar and so on. It helps to maintain safety margins, take control of real-time location of  targeted vehicle, makes appropriate arrangements for vehicle control, increases efficiency and safety.


Mgt of material carriers locations and production process in a textile mill

 Take control of real-time material carrier’s location. Keep track of delivery process of carriers to next process line and detect unusual delay of the carriers in production line. The network is compliant with MES computer system to manage production machine, manufacturing process and staff deployment.


Mgt of ground service crew vehicles and transport of mobile equipment in parking apron( airport)

 Monitor real-time locations of vehicles; control the route of the vehicles to prevent accidents in parking apron.  Centralize operations in monitoring vehicles that transport food, lug gages, goods and mobile equipment.

Monitoring exhibits in museums, trade shows and events

 Surveil exhibits whether or not they are moved /damaged. If a valuable/ delicate exhibit is touched or shifted, the end device receives a signal and immediately triggers an alarm. Simultaneously, the security guard receives the warning and approaches the scene to take action.

Warehousing storage and logistic

 Provide real-time information of the entire location.Keep track of forklift movement and maintain safety margins. Maximize production process, locate stored items faster, effectively control inventory and material flow.

Surveil precision machines / equipment

 If the static machine is intentionally touched or moved out of the restricted area without authorization, the end device promptly triggers alarm. The supervisor is able to locate and monitor the machines/equipment of interest, easy to account for and make appropriate arrangements.



▶ Personnel Position monitoring

Factory personnel access and movement history

 Monitor construction/ repair personnel on factory premises, control construction / repair schedule to conform to the downtime allowances, closely monitor personnel safety and offer immediate aid service, retrieve a report of movement history of targeted personnel.


Positioning and rescue management in petrochemical/gas plants

 An electronic fence is installed according to different levels of security, restricting permission to enter highly secure areas.  If a trespasser intrudes, the system simultaneously alerts the trespasser and calls for security intervention.


Personnel automatic attendance management

 An automatic record shows the number of staff entering and leaving on a daily, monthly or annual basis, monitor staff activity and productivity, monitor idle time, assess absenteeism.  Develop a report on an individual’s behavior for performance review.

Medical/old folk home location monitoring management

 Monitor patients/elderly in different rooms and transmit their vital statistics to a central server. Enable doctors and medical staff to locate the targeted patient/elderly faster. Help patients/ elderly and employees navigate through the premises to avoid prohibited places.

Staff safety management on construction sites

 Simultaneously monitoring field staff and their deployment, provide second by second on site staff numbers and the cumulative number of attendees on a daily basis. When an unforeseen side event occurs, the site staff can notify the end user. He can swiftly locate and instruct the site supervisor.

Position monitoring and camera linked surveillance

 Track the staff’s movement and closely monitor staff’s activity, cameras capture on-the-spot photos; automatically monitor blind spots or remote locations.  When emergency occurs, the system informs the end user regarding the location of the alarm and a supervisor can act immediately.





UWB precision indoor position system enables to locate workers, materials, cars, tags through base stations in a large-scale infrastructure. Information from variable tracked objects are received by background operators. It is easier for tracking workers, material query inventory, vehicle dispatch, mileage record and so on. Moreover, it has established on the basis of trajectory tracking, regional alarm, photographic device linkage. The UWB system is highly scalable with the ability to cover large area for simultaneously tracking hundreds of objects on the assembly line. Therefore, productivity and efficiency are greatly.



System Feature  



System Architecture  


II : UWB Active IPS




Main Function  



Related Products  

➤ Anchor

UWB Commercial Anchor
Input:DC +5V

UWB Explosion Proof Anchor
Input:AC 110V ~ 220V

UWB Industrial Anchor
Input:DC +5V

UWB Ceiling Anchor
Input:DC +5V


UWB Explosion Proof Anchor
Input:AC 110V ~ 220V



➤ TAG:

UWB Card Type TAG
Battery:400 mAh

UWB Card Type TAG
Battery:1000 mAh

UWB Helmet Type TAG
Battery:500 mAh

UWB Waterproof bangle Type TAG
Battery:1100 mAh

UWB  bangle Type TAG
Battery:500 mAh

UWB Waterproof Card Type TAG
Battery:1000 mAh

UWB Acousto-optic  Type TAG
Battery:1000 mAh

UWB Waterproof LED Type TAG
Battery:1000 mAh


UWB Helmet Type TAG
Battery:500 mAh

UWB OLED Single Board
Battery:400 mAh


➤ Software 







Applied Industry  





► What is positioning theory?

      High positioning tag transmits wireless frequency to individual base station. The precise distance is measured in order to find the accurate location information.

► How is the system established?

     The base station is built indoors/outdoors. The tracked person/equipment carries a tag. The positioning data collected from base station is transmitted by RJ45/WiFi to servers. The precise locations of each tag is measured via servers.

► How is the barrier penetration?

     The penetration through the wall is not recommended. The positioning distance after penetrating the wall is shortened and makes accuracy worsen.

► Anchor range?

     Anchor is built every 30m. For example, 4 anchors are built by 30x30. 6 anchors are built by 30x60.


Locating Features  

► Comparison of advantages and disadvantages about IPS


► Comparison of accuracy about IPS

 RFID: Induction measurement. RFID reader has limit on the amount of TAG to be read at the same time.

 BT / ZigBee: RSSI measurement (high tendency to be interfered by metal and environment), no limit on the number of TAGs connected to the node point.

 UWB: TDOA/TOF algorithm (frequency band is 3.25G~6.75G, not easily influenced by the environment frequency band), no limit on the connected TAG to the base station


► Comparison of structure about IPS




System Model

Type-B(Advance):Precise indoor positioning for people and objects
Type-C(Advance):Precise indoor positioning for people and objects
Type-D(for projects): for robots, AGVs or other stand-alone devices that require position acquisition.
※ The processor of the device needs to be able to calculate the positioning algorithm, because the tag device on 
      the target device will directly transmit the distance data to the target device.

Software development
1.Communication data format of positioning packet (C language)
2.Demo software source code (C # development)
3.API description for positioning software (C # DLL)


Development Kit 







 Model Standard-A
Advance-B Advance-C Premium-D Premium-E
UWB Board × 2 (optional)  (optional)    
UWB TAG  (UTAG-9056)    × 4 × 8    
UWB Anchor (UWB-01)   (optional) (optional)    
UWB Industrial anchor (UWB-02)   × 3 × 6
UWB Ceiling anchor (UWB-03S)   (optional) (optional) (optional)  
UWB Water-proof Anchor (UWB-04)   (optional) (optional) (optional)  
UWB -USB Dongle (for tag's parameter setting)   × 1  × 1 × 1  
PC application software source code (C# )     × 1   × 1    
UWB-02 Anchor (UWB-02-RP)       × 6
Active precision positioning PC application software       × 1  
UWB-02  TAG (Active)        × 2  
Hemet Type TAG (UTAG-5136)          
Bangle Type TAG (UTAG-H04)  (optional)  (optional) (optional) (optional)  
Watch Type TAG (UTAG-H03)  (optional) (optional) (optional) (optional)  



 Modules Introduce 


1.UWB Card Type  TAG(Standard)

1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz 
2. Coverage : Max 50M line-of-sight (30M recommend)
3. Parameter Setting : Transmission time 0~65636 seconds, ID setting, G-sensor sensitivity 
4. Button & Charging Voltage : Power Button/ Setting Button/ Unassigned Button;DC+5V Input
5. LED Display : Power/ Connectivity/ Battery level
6. Peripheal Device : Gsensor & Alarm & Vibration Motor (Standard);Barometer & PA & 
13.56M RFID (Optional)
7. Power capacity : Lithium battery 400mAh / 3 months (2 seconds at a time under 
8. Dimention & Weights : body 90×56×6.8(mm)/ 51g,UTAG-9056PA: 90×56×6.8(mm)/ 54g
9. Model No : UTAG-9056 / UTAG-9056PA

2. UWB Anchor (Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Interfaces / UWB Mode : UWB/ RJ45;ToF
 4. Functions Interface : NC.
 5. Antenna Angle : 360 degree
 6. Installation : Wall-hanging
 7. Power : Input Voltage DC +5V/ PoE
 8. Dimension & Weights : 72x72x25 (mm)/ 
 9. Model No : UWB-01

3. UWB Industrial Anchor(Standard)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz;WiFi  2.412~2.484GHz
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Interfaces / UWB Mode : UWB/ RJ45/ Wi-Fi;ToF
 4. Functions Interface : TTL UART*1+GPIO*2,Barometer & Power Amplifier (Optional)
 5. Antenna Angle : 360 degree
 6. Installation : Wall-hanging
 7. Power : Input Voltage DC+5V/ PoE
 8. Dimension & Weights : 147x86x41 (mm)/ 380g 
 9. Model No : UWB-02 / UWB-02PA

4. UWB Ceiling Anchor (Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz;WiFi  2.412~2.484GHz
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Interfaces / UWB Mode : UWB/ RJ45/ Wi-Fi;ToF
 4. Functions Interface : Barometer & Power Amplifier (Optional)
 5. Antenna Angle : 360 degree
 6. Installation : Ceiling
 7. Power : Input Voltage DC+5V/ PoE
 8. Dimension & Weights : 110x110x33 (mm)/ 200g 
 9. Model No : UWB-03S / UWB-03SPA

5. UWB waterproof anchor (Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz;WiFi  2.412~2.484GHz
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Interfaces / UWB Mode : UWB/ RJ45/ Wi-Fi;ToF
 4. Functions Interface :  Power Amplifier (Optional)
 5. Antenna Angle : 360 degree
 6. Installation : Wall-hanging
 7. Power : Input Voltage AC110~220V/ PoE
 8. Dimension & Weights : 128x94x80 (mm)/ 1100g 
 9. Model No : UWB-04 / UWB-04PA

6. UWB explosion-proof anchor (Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz;WiFi  2.412~2.484GHz
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Interfaces / UWB Mode : UWB/ RJ45/ Wi-Fi;ToF
 4. Functions Interface :  Power Amplifier (Optional)
 5. Antenna Angle : 360 degree
 6. Installation : Wall-hanging
 7. Power : Input Voltage AC110~220V/ PoE
 8. Dimension(W x D x H): 210x127x115(mm)(UWB-05-A,External)
 9. Model No : UWB-05-A / UWB-05-B

7. Helmet type TAG(Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz
 2. Coverage : Max50M line-of-sight (30M recommend)
 3. Parameter Setting : Transmission time 0~65636 seconds, ID setting, G-sensor 
                                            sensitivity setting

 4. Button & Charging Voltage : Power button;DC+5V input
 5. LED Display : Power/ Connectivity
 6. Peripheral Device : Gsensor & Alarm & Vibration Motor (Standard);Barometer & PA (Optional)
 7. Power Supply : Lithium battery 500mAh / 4 months (2 seconds at a time under
                                  SmartIPS project)

 8. Dimention & Weights : body 51×36×15(mm)/ 29g,5136PA: 51×36×20(mm)/ 35g
 9. Model No : UTAG-5136 / UTAG-5136PA

8. UWB-USB-01 Dongle(Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz 
 2. Coverage : Maximum 50M line-of-sight (20M recommend)
 3. Scalability : Embedded FT32 chip,Use on PC (Windows) and Android
 4. Communication interface : USB TO RS232
 5. Power Supply : Standard USB DC +5V
 6. Power consumption: Transmitting mode < 50mA;Receiving mode < 50mA;
                                    standby mode < 50mA

 7. Dimension & Weights : 67.5×24.6×12.0(mm) / 15g
 8. Model No : UWB-USB-01

9. Bangle Type Tag(Optional)

 1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz 
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Parameter Setting : Transmission time 0~65636 seconds, ID setting, G-sensor sensitivity setting
 4. Button & Charging Voltage : Power button;DC +5V input
 5. LED Display : power, communication status, power capacity and customization
 6. Peripheral Device : Gsensor (Standard);Vibration Motor,Heart rate detection (Optional)
 7. Power Supply : Lithium battery 1000mAh / 8 months 
                                   (2 seconds at a time under SmartIPS project)

 8. Dimention & Weights : body 41×35×14(mm) / 185g
 9. Protection level : IP65
10.Model No : UTAG-H03

10. Bangle Type Tag(Optional)

1. Protocol & Frequency : 802.15.4a UWB 3.25GHz~6.75GHz 
 2. Coverage : Maximum 100m line-of-sight (30 to 50 meters recommend)
 3. Parameter Setting
 : Transmission time 0~65636 seconds, ID setting, G-sensor sensitivity setting
 4. Button & Charging Voltage 
: Power button;DC +5V input
 5. LED Display : Power/ Connectivity 
 6. Peripheral Device Gsensor & Alarm & Vibration Motor (Standard)
 7. Power capacity : Lithium battery 500mAh / 4 months
 (2 seconds at a time under SmartIPS project)
 8. Dimention & Weights : body 51×36×15(mm)/ 54g
 9. Model No : UTAG-H04


11. Mount Holder(Optional)

1. Adjustable support: the bracket has 5 levels, which can be adjusted up and down, with the minimum of 1m and the maximum height of 2.1m

2. The frame body is made of metal and the joints are made of nylon

3. The tray and upper bar can rotate 360 degrees freely

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